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Wildflower Honey

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Harvested with love, fresh from our bee hives in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

Bee Happy Botanicals presents pure California Wildflower Honey harvested with love, fresh from our rescued bee hives in San Juan Capistrano. Our apiary is nestled in the foothills amongst California native Toyon trees, Oak trees, Pepper trees, Pine trees, Elderberry trees, Citrus trees, Persimmon trees, various native Sages and Wildflower blooms. Bee Happy focuses on wildflower honey from native and medicinal plants to offer highly nourishing and sustainable products, from our hives to your home.


Wildflower Honey is unique in color and taste due to the diversity of local nectars from different flowers visited by honeybees. Raw honey is an incredible gift from the bees. A natural phytonutrient powerhouse, packed full of beneficial antioxidants, minerals and naturally contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The benefits and use of honey are endless; soothing sore throats, adding to herbal teas, aiding wound healing, easing digestion, a natural low glycemic sweetener, atop charcuterie boards, for healthy baking…to an all natural face mask. Thank you bees!


Shop Bee Happy Honey in person at The Cellar Wine Bar in downtown San Clemente, Ca.


Love this honey! Mild and delicious, it’s great for adding to anything. Your passion for your bees shines through 🍯
Kellie Garrett
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